A feature complete HTTP Client with a simple intuitive interface. A native and performant alternative to Electron-based Postman.


HyperPost does have a few advanced features missing which are clearly stated in the table below. But, we believe it's higher performance makes up for this.

We'll be adding more features to HyperPost in future updates.


Send RESTful HTTP Requests
Simple Intuitive Interface
Organize Requests into Groups
Store History/Examples of Requests Sent
Save Responses
Send Requests to localhost
Customizable Timout and Redirect Behaviour
Dark Theme
Native to Winows
Performs Well
Almost Instant Startup
Small Install Size (Uncompressed)
< 7MB

> 500MB
Automatic Updates If Enabled
Supports File Uploads
Supports Multipart Requests
Includes Test Runner
Allows Custom Scripts

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